Nutrition API

Provide personalized nutritional guidance within your application by leveraging the Gian nutrition API.

Personalized Care

Achieved by tracking health and fitness data from EMR systems, wearables and FDA approved connected devices.

HealthCart TM

A score based on food purchased today and over a period that reflects how balanced the shopping cart is and whether the right amount of macronutrients and micronutrients are being consumed given the consumer's health and level of physical activity. 

Intelligent Healthy Swap

Nudges for healthier alternatives in the same category. This helps achieve nutrition goals while satisfying personal taste. 

Care Co-ordination

Ability to share shopping patterns with care managers to help decrease health risks and healthcare costs. 

Measure Outcomes

Measure outcomes that show how improved shopping leads to better health. For instance, tracking an individual's weight, blood pressure or glucose levels and correlating them to his or her HealthCart score.